Pratt & Whitney FT8

First Non-OEM FT8® Control System
As a turbine control innovator, HPI successfully commissioned the first implementation of its control software on a non-OEM platform for a Pratt & Whitney FT8 Twin-Pac® configuration in 2012.  HPI licensed its custom PLC software for the upgrade of two FT8s at a cogeneration plant in the USA Pacific Northwest.

FT-Series Control Solutions
Supporting the Pratt & Whitney FT-series control systems has its challenges ranging from FT4® obsolescence to the FT8 black-box technology associated with its unique turbine attributes.

HPI has a long pedigree of working with advanced aeroderivative engines, such as the FT8, LM6000, and LM1600.  From this history, HPI has gained a deep understanding of how the dynamic airflow through the engine is used to increase both the power and performance, as well as how to protect the engine.  By leveraging this understanding, HPI has created fast scanning algorithms to control the variable geometry of the engine, including the VSVs, VGVs, and bleed air systems that are used for thrust balancing and engine stage management.  The HPI control system’s quick response times that control the airflow authority and the precise fuel metering meet or exceed the engine requirements.  These advanced dynamic requirements are met to safely control the engine through all ambient temperature operating modes and rapid transient conditions.  HPI’s systems prevent damage to the engine from compressor surge, combustor acoustics, and thrust loading while giving the maximum performance to the engine.

FT4 and FT8 Experience
HPI has commissioned 25 control system retrofits for FT gas turbines:

  • Twelve FT4 SWIFTPAC® turbo generators
  • Eleven FT4 Twin-Pac turbo generators
  • Two FT8 Twin-Pac turbo generators


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