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Giving Back to Our Communities

We believe that fostering goodwill to inspire positive change is central to the mission, vision, and values of any responsible company. By taking an active, constructive role in the communities where we have a presence, HPI is making a difference in the global economy.

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Our Specific Community Involvement

Our corporate citizenship program, HPI Cares, captures our commitment to incorporating social responsibility into every aspect of what we do.

By encouraging each employee to take an active role in this program, we are contributing to a better world on an individual-by-individual basis.

A Partnership for Civic Responsibility

We believe that a successful construction project has its roots in a willingness to help improve the quality of life in the communities we ultimately serve. Our work in Aboadze, a town in western Ghana, is an ideal example.

The residents of Aboadze are proud and hard-working, with an untapped potential for high-value skills. We undertook engineering, procurement, and construction responsibilities for a 132 MW combined cycle power plant, helping to make their lives better by easing the electricity and gas shortages they have faced for over a decade. 

But we took that commitment more than a few steps further:

  • After water sourcing issues arose, we donated a trailer truck full of fresh drinking water.
  • We donated a 30-foot trailer stocked with new supplies to the onsite medical facility of the Volta River Authority – a major power generation company in Ghana.
  • We hosted major holiday feasts for local workers and their families.
  • We held an annual Republic Day “Fun and Games” event for local participation.
  • Using site labor and equipment, we prepared the pitch and provided full uniforms for all local club football teams.
  • Annually, we painted local schools.

All of this reflects our firm conviction that local partnerships and collaboration are key to creating positive change and to having a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

HPI Cares Initiatives

The POWER to Give Charitable Giving Program

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HPI Scholars Program

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Community Involvement Testimonials

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