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Leverage Our Steam Turbine Repair Experience

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Steam Turbine Repair Services

With extensive experience inspecting and repairing steam turbines by offering a non-OEM solution we offer proven turbine services to minimize outage durations and unplanned outages. Working with our team, you’ll be able to reliably generate power for your customers

Our Capabilities

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Trained turbine technicians perform all aspects of inspections and repairs for steam turbine-associated equipment. We also provide rotor balancing services for various heavy industrial steam turbine generators, and we have an inventory of steam turbine parts available for immediate shipment to customers to help them minimize equipment downtime.

  • Heavy industrial turbines
  • Turbine overhaul services
  • Re-blading, shroud, and tenon repairs
  • Erosion repairs
  • Diaphragm repair/replacement
  • Nozzle fitting and repairs 
  • Re-sealing 
  • Blade repairs 
  • Component replacement 
  • Valve repairs and refurbishment

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services

We offer a flexible customized approach to the scope of work beyond the limits of the OEM to better serve customers by extending the life of their turbine components.

  • Predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Outage management
  • Compliance
  • Routine maintenance

Valve Repair

Our capabilities include on-site and shop valve repairs, as well as replacement part manufacturing to maximize the life of the valves. Expert technicians evaluate the condition of valves, to determine which repair is best suited to ensure the proper solution to minimize cost and downtime.

  • Emergency support to limit downtime
  • Governor valves
  • Blowdown valves
  • Main Stop valves
  • Combination valves
  • Intercept valves
  • Butterfly valve

Manufactured Parts & Refurbishment for Industrial Steam Turbines

HPI manufacture parts are used in various steam turbines to support our service capabilities.

  • Component repair and replacement
  • Nozzle and diaphragm refurbishing
  • Blade ring refurbishing and replacement parts
  • Seal and packing replacement
  • Blade/bucket replacement
  • Balance service
  • Blade rings
  • Packing and seal hook fits
  • Crush pins
  • Bearings
  • Oil deflectors

Steam Turbine Experience

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