DLE Mapping

DLE Mapping Services for Gas Turbine Efficiency
As OEM-trained gas turbine specialists, HPI engineers are fully adept at tuning aeroderivative gas turbines to provide fast and cost-effective responses.  The customer benefits include:

  • Reduction of NOx and CO2 emissions
  • Reduction in combustor acoustics, which extend the combustor life
  • Fuel savings by operating the engine more efficiently

By manually controlling the temperature reference of the combustor rings, HPI maps the engine from light off through the staging modes to the fully lit, full-power combustor mode.

Gas Turbine Mapping Experience
The HPI lead mappers have over 15 years of experience on 300 engines, ranging from the early LM1600 to the latest LM6000PF turbines.

HPI’s engineers not only provide mapping services, but also design and build custom control systems and perform mechanical inspections for these engines.  HPI has a deep knowledge of how the engine operates and the real-world implications of varying the system parameters.

Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Performance Troubleshooting
As a complete service during the mapping process, the HPI engineer determines the underlying causes of why the engine needs remapping.  Often the reason is due to season weather changes, but sometimes it can be more engine-specific.

HPI will analyze the data log files and the Graphical Application Programmer (GAP™) system variables to define and correct the performance issues causing the engine to run inefficiently.

The HPI engineers are available for onsite service and remote mapping from either the United States or United Kingdom offices.

HPI offers bespoke training packages for site operators.  This training provides them with an understanding of the fuel systems allowing them to perform troubleshooting and appropriate corrective actions. These training programs can be provided onsite or within a classroom environment.


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