Emergency/Stroke Standby Power Generation

In many regions of the world, the installation of reliable sources of electric power for localized use remains essential. HPI has attained considerable experience in the design and construction of standby power plants. Using the latest technology, HPI’s power solutions generate on-demand the required standby power to ensure the continuous supply of reliable electric power for specific localities (isolated towns, captive power plants) where connection to the national distribution grid is not possible or impractical.

For certain industries and applications, reliable startup of standby and/or emergency power backup systems are absolutely essential for safe operations. These can include the nuclear industry, marine ships,offshore applications, and financial or data institutions.

Industrial Generators
HPI offers several industrial power generators depending on the application and power generation required.

HPI’s emergency/stroke standby power generation solutions are ideally suited for the following applications in terms of cost and portability.

  • Backup power for planned and unplanned maintenance shutdowns at existing plants or facilities. This is a low-cost, reliable solution, which can be ideal for remote locations or developing economies utilizing a variety of fuel sources.
  • Co-generation applications and processes requiring high quality steam. The cost to retrofit a power generation platform is a more cost-effective solution, particularly for non-permanent facilities.
  • Distributed generation provides an alternative to centralized peaking power plants and as relief for congested transmission systems.
  • Emergency energy market for industrial customers who may be susceptible to damages related to low power quality and interruptions. Reliable emergency power generators can provide a margin of safety for their uninterrupted operations.


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