Turbine Inspections

By employing the latest borescope inspection technology HPI technicians can often detect signs of machine degradation before there is damage to rotating equipment, loss of production and/or unplanned outages. Based on inspection results, HPI also provides repair of the equipment, including manufacturing, installation and maintenance of peripheral support systems.

HPI performs inspections for industrial gas and steam turbines, aeroderivative gas turbines, and all rotating equipment.

Turbine Inspections and Testing Services

  • Major inspections
  • Hot gas path inspections
  • Combustion inspections
  • Steam path audit
  • Generator audit
  • Generator testing
  • Boresonic and metallurgical inspections
  • Valve and bearing inspections
  • Generator and exciter testing
  • Onsite electrical testing


Contact HPI to inspect your turbine by e-mail info@hpi-llc.com or by request form