Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Turbomachinery Solutions
HPI serves oil and gas companies across the energy supply—upstream, midstream and downstream?from offshore platforms to refineries and pipelines. HPI’s industry experience enables it to provide proven, reliable solutions that ensure continuous operation for critical processes. Comprised of controls engineers and turbine technicians, HPI provides custom retrofit controls for gas and steam turbines and a full range of mechanical services for turbine overhaul and maintenance. In addition, HPI’s field service staff can be deployed rapidly around the world to troubleshoot and remedy legacy equipment issues.

Selected oil and gas turbine services:

  • Turbine controls for compressors, pump sets, and generators
  • Reliability and monitoring systems upgrades
  • Remote 24/7 monitoring and control solutions
  • Surge control, capacity control, and load control
  • Mechanical maintenance and repair services

Turbine Control Solutions for Oil & Gas
HPI is a privately owned company that can provide technically proven, custom turbine solutions cost effectively and therefore is a smart alternative to the OEM. HPI’s control and process monitoring equipment can increase the efficiency and reliability of production, transportation, and refining of oil & gas producers. See HPI’s turbine control solutions.

Mechanical Services for Oil & Gas
HPI has experienced OEM-trained turbine technicians with their own crews. These teams are invited back to customers repeatedly because of their technical expertise, seamless execution, and attentive customer service. See HPI’s full range of mechanical services.


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