Industrial Gas Turbines

HPI’s OEM-trained staff provides end-to-end solutions for heavy and light industrial gas turbines, such as GE and Westinghouse gas compressors and generators. HPI and its staff have completed controls and mechanical services on over 450 industrial gas turbines, including most of the GE Frame and Westinghouse models.

HPI field engineers are available for emergency support worldwide to support control, mechanical, and peripheral support systems.

Industrial Gas Turbine Controls
HPI’s senior staff are turbine specialists who have over 200 years of collective experience in digital turbine control systems.  HPI is uniquely able to translate specific customer circumstances, applications, and equipment needs to design a custom solution that meets all requirements.  HPI has demonstrated this on a wide range of turbines, both old and new, around the world.

HPI’s turbine specialists design control systems for industrial engines by taking into account the reliability and longevity that industrial gas turbines are relied upon.  During the design, HPI considers the following:

  • Start and stop governor requirements
  • Complex auxiliary systems
  • Custom integration with a variety of OEM available generator or compressor controls

By using closed loop controls, HPI provides precise speed control of the turbine shaft on startup and stopping.  The HPI control solutions also include precise automatic governing, sequencing and load control, regardless of industry or application. HPI systems have been proven to dramatically increase start availability, reliability, and performance when compared to analog-relay or hydro-mechanical systems. They also have extensive diagnostics and communication facilities allowing for easy interface with other systems, including SCADA or DCS.

The HPI controls solution leverages commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) PLC open architecture software. These systems are safe and cost effective, providing a flexible solution to any industrial application.

Industrial Mechanical Services
HPI has OEM-trained turbine technicians, who support all turbine-associated equipment and can provide guidance on managing the life of the engine.  HPI provides all aspects of inspections and performs major and minor repair overhaul (MRO) on various rotating equipment, such as GE and Westinghouse gas turbines and reciprocating compressors.

A typical HPI Mechanical Field Service includes:

  • Breakdown fault finding and repair
  • Borescope inspections
  • Geometry checks and calibrations
  • Control system, calibration, and health care
  • Valve and actuator calibration/function test
  • Package instrumentation calibration/function test

Industrial Field Services
Overview of Mechanical Field Services

  • Borescope
  • Blade changes
  • Vibration monitoring (ADRE)
  • Geometry checks and calibrations

Controls Field Services

  • Turbine combustion tuning
  • Woodward NetCon™ and MicroNet™ fault finding
  • GE Fanuc, Millennium, and Speedtronic™ fault finding
  • Package calibrations and fault finding

Generator Field Services

  • Repair and rewind of generators and HV motors
  • Shop- and site-based emergency and scheduled services rotor and stator rebuilds and maintenance
  • Onsite electrical testing
  • At speed balancing
  • Outage management


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