Power Transmission & Distribution

Electrical Transmission Systems

HPI provides a full scope of engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance services for electrical transmission systems up to and including 500kV. Our primary focus is on EPC construction of high voltage and extra high voltage overhead transmission lines and substation of 132KV and MV/LV distribution. We also manage the maintenance of existing overhead transmission line networks. HPI has a qualified team of engineers, supervisors, and skilled workers with a full range of tools, machinery, equipment, and vehicles to produce quality work for proper project implementation. All of our work is done in accordance with client requirements and international practices.

Overhead Transmission Lines

  • Engineering and Design Works
  • Preliminary and Final Line Surveys
  • Optimization Studies
  • Procurement and Delivery of Material and Equipment to Sites
  • Civil and Construction Works for Overhead Lines
  • Installation of Equipment; Towers Erection
  • Conductor Stringing for Overhead Lines
  • Testing, Commissioning, and Final Client Handover

Substations, Testing, & Commissioning

  • GIS (Gas Insulation Switch Test)
  • Gas Leakage Test
  • Test for Current Transformer
  • Test for Voltage Transformer
  • Coil Resistance, Insulation Resistance, Ratio, Polarity, HV tests
  • Relay Test and Test for Measuring Instrument
  • Test for Protection System


Underground Cabling

  • Cable Design (Route Cable Calculations)
  • Trench & Duct Bank Design
  • Terminal Compound & Earthing of Terminal Compound
  • Design & Installation of Cable Sealing End Support & Cable Support
  • Cable Laying and Cable Termination
  • Cable Testing (Electrical and High Voltage Test)
  • Gassing and Degassing
  • Insulation Test + Zero Sequence & Positive Sequence Impedance Test Equipment
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Vehicle for High Voltage Test + Generators
  • DC Resistance Equipment for Measuring Contact Resistance & Insulation Tester – Current Transformer