Nuclear Standby & Emergency Power

Nuclear Standby and Emergency Power Generation
As a qualified and experienced nuclear provider of power services and solutions, HPI Nuclear offers customized solutions at OEM-competitive prices.

Nuclear Power-Related Services
HPI provides a breadth of services for standby and emergency power generation services, including:

  • Open-architecture, custom control, and ancillary systems for standby and emergency power generation
    • Gas turbine and diesel engine controls
    • Fuel systems and fuel control valves
    • Electrical protection systems generator and/or transformer
  • Standby and emergency power generation facilities
  • High-speed data monitoring packages for reactor shutdown testing
  • Design services
  • On-site support services
    • Instrumentation and controls
    • Mechanical services
    • LTSAs

Nuclear Quality Systems
HPI adheres to the strictest quality standards for the nuclear industry. Learn more about HPI’s quality programs and standards


Solar Nuclear EPGs
Since 2010, HPI has been working with one of the world’s largest nuclear power plants to provide better emergency power generation (EPG) reliability at startup. To date two Solar Mars 90 EPGs have been upgraded and a new Solar Taurus EPG has been delivered.


HPI’s nuclear customers are repeat customers. Find out why. Contact HPI Nuclear for a consultation based on your standby and emergency power needs at or by request form