Reciprocating Engines & Compressor Repair

HPI performs all aspects of repairs and inspections for reciprocating compressors and rotating equipment, including major compressor overhauls (MCO). HPI’s reciprocating technicians work efficiently to minimize outages and prevent degradation.

Because HPI is an independently owned company, HPI can provide greater flexibility and more customized field services to its customer’s individual needs.


Reciprocating Engine and Compressor services include:

  • Electric driven major and minor inspection/overhauls (gas and crankcase)
  • Gas engine major and minor inspection/overhauls (gas and crankcase)
  • New equipment installation
  • Electric motor installation
  • Consulting and troubleshooting
  • Instrumentation support
  • Foundation inspection and repairs
  • Crankshaft repairs
  • Line bore of the main frame
  • Part/component repair or replacement
  • Alignment of the gas cylinder and main frame
  • Controls