HPI CEO Joins the International Advisory Board for the US-Arab Leadership Retreat

HPI announced today that company President and CEO, Hal Pontez, has been named to the international advisory board for the 5th Annual U.S.-Arab Leadership Retreat.

Pontez  joins the ranks of a host of influential leaders and international advisory board members such as President and CEO of the National U.S. –Arab Chamber of Commerce, David A. Hamod, and Founding Director of the International Economic Alliance, Van McCormick, who will attend the two-day event on August 19-20.

The U.S. –Arab Leadership Retreat seeks to help build a bridge between the United States and the Middle East in the private sector. The event also provides a forum to honor the partnership between the two regions while promoting new alignment through business opportunities.

“I am honored to have been extended an invitation to serve on the international advisory board for such an important economic forum. I look forward to collaborating with my fellow board members to lend my expertise and further the dialogue on how we can strengthen business alliances between the United States and Arab countries through this remarkable event, “says Pontez.

The theme of this year’s retreat is “The Economic Rise of the Middle East & Africa: A New Age of Global Partnership”, and will feature event speakers and guests ranging from U.S. and Arab business and political leaders to ambassadors and global business owners.

The 5th Annual U.S.- Arab Leadership Retreat will be held at the Pell Center for International Relations & Public Policy on the campus of Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.