Replacement NetCon™ for NRG’s W251AA

HPI upgraded the controller for NRG Energy’s Westinghouse W251AA gas turbine generator at the Astoria Plant in Queens, New York. HPI used its Replacement NetCon™ Unit (RNU™), which is specially designed to be a direct replacement for the Woodward NetCon 5000.

NRG Energy, Inc. is a competitive energy provider with a diversified power generation portfolio. NRG’s mission is to provide reliable wholesale electricity safely in an environmentally friendly manner.

The RNU is designed to be able to fit in the space envelope of the existing NetCon 5000 while being able to connect directly to the existing cabling. The RNU has much of the same functionality as the existing Woodward controller; however, it comes with additional features that assist with fault finding and maintenance.

The RNU includes a PanelView Plus display that allows the unit to be started, monitored, and controlled. The key advantages of HPI’s RNU include:

  • Allen-Bradley worldwide support
  • Easy access allows for onsite repairs
  • Proven FlexLogix™ hardware
  • Reduced the installation outage time
  • Reduced engineering design costs