Shuwaikh Power Plant

Houston-based international project developer, HPI, and its partner S&W Energy Solutions combined resources to build a $270 million dollar power plant in Kuwait for the Ministry of Energy. The Shuwaikh Power Plant Facility was specified to produce 200 MW of low-emissions power. The project was the first Middle East power plant of its kind to be finished within such an aggressive time frame. The power plant was built using HPI’s “fast-track” engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) methodology.

The power plant was designed using six General Electric (GE) LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbo-generator packages. Each of these turbines is rated to provide between 43 MW and 50 MW of rated power, or about 300 MW at full load.

HPI created the supervisory control system (SCS). The SCS monitors and controls the six LM6000 gas turbines, air inlet chillers, gas compressors, and miscellaneous balance of plant (BOP) equipment associated with the power plant. HPI built and delivered the BOP panels.

For this project HPI also provided the operator interface displays. These consisted of six displays in the main control room and two displays in the training room. Two 42” plasma displays were also provided for the training room. In addition to the operator displays, HPI supplied four operator desks and consoles: Three for the main control room and one for the training room.

The SCS is run by two servers located in the training room. All equipment in the SCS is linked by fault-tolerant fiber optic network cabling.

The project was accomplished with a consortium consisting of HPI, S&W Energy Solutions, and Alghanim International – the Kuwaiti company who performed all civil works and site construction. Alghanim International is a leading civil and electromechanical engineering, and contracting company in Kuwait with over 40 years of experience.

The contract value includes a five-year operations and maintenance contract. It is being built to help assure a supply of electrical power to Kuwait City during peak summer months.

“Kuwait is undergoing a tremendous explosion of commercial growth and we are able to ensure that their projected future power needs will be met,” said Hal Pontez, President and CEO, HPI. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to help provide an energy solution to the Kuwaiti government and the citizens of Kuwait.”

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