Ruston TB5000 Pump Controls for Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company

The Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company is a pioneering oil and gas producer whose operations date back to the 1950s, and are centered in the offshore areas of Abu Dhabi. Over the years, the company adopted the latest in drilling techniques and technologies, starting with vertical, then deviated, and ultimately horizontal drilling. The advancement in drilling is necessitated by the need to optimize oil and gas production.

The Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company had HPI update its control panels for three of its Ruston TB5000-based crude oil loading pump sets. The existing controllers were disconnected, removed, and replaced with new PLC-based controllers. The functionality of the existing controllers is now carried out within Allen-Bradley ControlLogix™ PLCs. This system includes FLEX I/O modules that interface to the existing turbine and plant. The Allen-Bradley controller plus all the terminals, fuses, relays and conduit were supplied and mounted on subpanels within the new control panel. The intention was to minimize the wiring required onsite for the field cable terminations and to minimize the connections between the subpanels.

In addition a human-machine interface (HMI) was provided for each turbine system in an air-conditioned main control room. The HMI server is based on Windows 2000 Server OS and interfaces to the control system PLC via an Ethernet TCP/IP network connectivity. The display is configured to show process conditions. The HMI indicates measured variables together with alarm and trip settings while also providing indication of active override and unit status.

New seismic vibration probes complete with cables were supplied and these are monitored by a Bentley Nevada 1701 Field Monitor system. This system was installed in the control panel and communicates to the ControlLogix PLC via a dual redundant ControlNet™ communications link. All the alarm and trip set points were configured within the PLC. The current values and alarm status of the vibration channels are displayed on the HMI. Relay trip outputs are connected directly into a hard-wired ESD daisy chain.