Two Avon Control Retrofits for EDF Energy

HPI completed a controls retrofit for two English Electric EA2 Twin Avon generator sets for EDF Energy at their West Burton power station. EDF Energy (EDF) is one of the largest energy companies in the United Kingdom.

HPI provided full local and remote offsite black-start functionality, along with HMI-integral trending and archiving of critical data. For this project HPI’s United States and United Kingdom staff worked nearly around the clock to minimize the generators’ outage time. The project was scheduled to include eight days of downtime for the generators. To help with this schedule, HPI maximized the amount of work that could be completed before the outage.

This timing was achievable because HPI has extensive experience and knowledge of the control requirements for the Avon engines. The new controls were fitted into a new double bay NEMA 12 enclosure designed for front access and bottom cable entry. An Allen-Bradley ControlLogix™ PLC system using a single processor was used with a 17” HMI mounted on the door of the enclosure. This HMI is used to monitor and operate the gas turbine engines. Most of the existing engine indicators were removed and their functionality included in the HMI. The new HMI provides a high level of diagnostic information to make maintenance and fault finding easier. The nature of digital controls reduces the need to perform calibration to almost zero.