Frame 5 Generator Controls for KeySpan Energy

KeySpan Energy at Ravenswood, New York, had HPI upgrade its gas-fueled GE Frame 5 generator. Given HPI’s customer service and success, KeySpan Energy invited HPI back to upgrade another GE Frame 5 generator set at its Northport site.

The KeySpan Corporation is one of the largest distributors of natural gas in the United States and desired new control systems software that would prevent unauthorized access. At Ravenswood, HPI installed security protection on the control system processor during the build of the retrofit control system, which included remote controls, vibration monitoring, auto synchronization, automatic voltage regulator, a Modicon® Quantum platform, and HSDE gas fuel metering valves.

The control system retrofit at Northport was similar to the retrofit at Ravenswood, but the new control system included Allen-Bradley ControlLogix™ PLC with a precision liquid-fuel metering valve.

The new control systems are secure and accessible from the HPI Houston headquarters to ensure that software protection will not become a burden on KeySpan. HPI completely removed the old control systems, and replaced them with the ControlLogix™ PLC. New sub-panels were also provided for the rear and sides of the existing panel to mount the new control equipment.

The main operator interface was a mounted MMI running on Interlution Runtime software. This MMI was also on the Windows 2000 Platform.

A desktop PC running the Interlution software for remote access was also supplied. These MMIs provide sophisticated color graphics for display information, alarm and event annunciation and logging, historic data logging, and security and password protection.

HPI controls are consistent and repeatable under all ambient conditions and are guaranteed a 99% start availability. With the use of HPI diagnostic aids, faults can be identified and repaired quickly, which in turn increases engine availability.