Two GE Frame 5 Generator Sets for Chugach Electric

In order to meet the ever tightening emissions requirements which were limiting the output of two GE Frame 5 generator sets, Chugach Electric turned to HPI to supply a new water-injection skid and controls at its Bernice Lake power plant.

The new water injection skid was designed to meet all the functionality requirements listed in RP B07 08. It is also in technical compliance with Chugach Electric’s requirements. The new water injection skid was equipped with a Sundyne pump and associated TEFC motor. This system was designed to deliver a maximum flow rate of 33 gallons per minute at 550 psi. The design of the pump and associated plumbing prevent any sudden reversals at lower operating flow rates as a grade head/capacity curve was provided which steadily flows until shutoff.

Working within tight time constraints HPI supplied the water injection skid, water injection and combustion monitoring control panels, and a remote HMI package. The system was successfully installed and commissioned, allowing Chugach to almost double the power output of the units from 13 MW to 25 MW, while still staying within the emission limits. As a result of HPI’s quality products and customer-centered approach, HPI has developed an expanding relationship with Chugach Electric as a controls solutions provider.