Howard Morgan

Technical Director, Mechanical Services

Howard Morgan3 Howard Morgan is Technical Director, Mechanical Services with over 30 years of experience in rotating equipment. He has installed and maintained steam turbines, gas turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, and related equipment in the petroleum processing and power generation industries. Howard has proven his ability to manage projects and organize extended outages to ensure timely and quality completions. Before joining HPI, he was Project Manager/Field Manager for North American Energy.

Howard’s equipment experience includes:

  • Most makes and models of steam turbines
    • ABB
    • AC
    • Elliott
    • GE
    • Hitachi
    • Westinghouse
    • Worthington
  • Gas turbines
    • ABB
    • GE Frame 3, 5, 6, 7B, and 7EA
    • Hitachi
    • Siemens
    • Westinghouse
  • Most makes and models of centrifugal compressors
  • Most makes and models of generators