The POWER to Give

The POWER to Give Program is the means by which HPI develops and maintains the company’s strategy for charitable giving to 501 (c) (3) organizations. To make the most effective use of our resources and expertise, we have identified priority issues and strategic initiatives for investment in the communities in which we operate:

  • Youth and Education
    Opportunities that support our goal to increase access to STEM education and provide positive opportunities for youth.
  • Environment/Sustainability
    Opportunities that support our mission to responsibly manage our impact on the environment and build a sustainable future.
  • Civic Engagement
    Opportunities that transform and empower the communities in which we operate.

The program is governed by a committee of employees, each of whom commit to meeting quarterly for a one year period to review potential giving opportunities and the program budget.

To be considered for a grant from The POWER to Give committee, the organization must:

  • Provide evidence of 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status
  • Provide support in one of HPI’s focus areas of youth and education, environment and civic engagement
  • Directly impact or benefit communities around the world where HPI has a permanent office or project site
  • Demonstrate sound financial management with functional expenses for the organization at or below 10%

HPI does not provide charitable donations for the following:

  • Door prizes, raffle or auction items
  • Advertising, film or video projects
  • Endowments and individual fundraising efforts/sponsorships
  • Political organizations, auxiliary and sectarian groups, labor unions, fraternal organizations and all organizations associated with, or that could potentially influence legislation
  • Religious organizations (e.g. churches or organizations directly tied to a place of worship) or cemeteries
  • Youth or adult sports teams or sporting events
  • School trips or transportation