HPI was launched in 2002 from Vosper Thornycroft Controls (VT Controls), which had closed. Key staff from VT Controls, including the DIGICON® design team, joined Hal Pontez when he recognized the opportunities in turbine controls and turnkey power plants. The need for additional capacity and new technology in these areas were met by HPI’s strong pedigree and innovation, which combined with early confidence among customers and industry analysts. With a strong foundation in place, HPI’s business grew by double digits consistently each year.

The VT Control staff supplied the first Allen-Bradley ControlLogix™ turbomachinery control system in 1997 and then assisted the Rockwell research and development (R&D) team with further developing Allen-Bradley ControlLogix.

Vosper Thornycroft (VT) was a shipbuilding company with marine products and support services that were augmented with the purchase of Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engineering (HSDE) as part of a corporate expansion in the mid-1990s, forming VT Controls. HSDE had developed the first modern digital controller, and engineered and upgraded to the DIGICON Series Controller and then to the DIGICON ACE Controller.



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