Ruston Gas Turbines

Ruston Hornsby originated in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom in the late 19th century but grew significantly during the world wars into Ruston Gas Turbines. Ruston Gas Turbines was subsequently acquired by EGT, GEC, Alstom, and finally by Siemens in 2003.

In 2012, HPI developed a direct replacement solution for the aging Ruston gas turbine controllers known as Rustronic? MKI, MKII, and NORBIT. The Ruston gas turbine controllers are also commonly known as EGT or Siemens turbine controllers. HPI’s plug-and-play solution is the Replacement Rustronic Unit (RRU™). This replacement controller can be applied to the breadth of Ruston (EGT, GEC, Alstom, Siemens) turbines, including but not limited to the TA, TB, TD, Typhoon (SGT-100), Tornado (SGT-200), Tempest (SGT-300), and Cyclone (SGT-400) turbines.

HPI’s RRU provides all of the features and functionality of the original Rustronic units in terms of governing, sequencing, and remote interfaces. The RRU is designed to accommodate the various Rustronic versions and leverages the same plug arrangement as the original controllers.

However HPI designed the RRU with additional features to assist in fault finding and maintenance, and it has the communication facilities to allow for easy interface with other systems, including SCADA or DCS. The unit is available with a touchscreen HMI for ease of operation and data history.

One-Day Shutdown Possible
HPI has commissioned numerous replacement units and has demonstrated its ability to be a true plug-and-play solution. Because of the modular design and its ability to interface with the existing connectors, a one-day shutdown of a turbine is possible, but generally HPI estimates 3 days for installation and 3 days for commissioning.


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