Sabiya Power Plant

Due to HPI’s success with the Shuwaikh power plant in Kuwait, HPI was tasked with building an additional peak power plant for Kuwait. This new plant, Sabiya Peak Power Plant, is located at the north eastern border of Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran, at a place called Sabiya.

Kuwait had attempted to build a power plant at Sabiya with three other vendors, but all had experienced a variety of miscues and false starts. Therefore, HPI assumed the existing contract and teamed up with S&W Energy Solutions (SWES) and Alghanim International to complete the plant in 10 months. The team had the resources and experience to overcome the obstacles inherent with an existing contract.

Unlike the Shuwaikh power plant, which was built inside a major city, the Sabiya power plant was built next to one of Kuwait’s primary base-load plants, a 1200 MW plant in the desert.

The Sabiya peak power plant consists of six GE LM6000 gas turbines each rated to provide 43 MW to 50 MW or approximately 300 MW collectively at full load. Given HPI’s roots as an instrumentation and controls company, it was natural for HPI to supply the supervisory control system (SCS) for Sabiya. This SCS system monitors and controls the turbines and associated plant systems, including air inlet chillers, gas compressors, and miscellaneous balance-of-plant (BOP) equipment. The SCS is run by two servers that are linked by fault tolerant fiber optic network cabling to each other and to the main control room.

The BOP and many other custom electrical panels for the plant were built by HPI in its Houston headquarters. HPI also manufactured the transformer protection panels (TPP) that were required for the plant.


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