Steve Jackson

Director of Engineering

Stephen-Jackson Steve Jackson is the Director of Engineering for HPI.
Steve has over 20 years of experience in the gas turbine controls industry, including design, installation, commissioning, and sales. Steve is responsible for all aspects of the engineering designs and development carried out by HPI, in addition to providing the engineering input into all sales activities.

Steve began his career in the nuclear submarine program for Vickers Shipbuilding in the UK, and transitioned into the gas turbine industry at Ruston Gas Turbines. There he rapidly advanced to Principal Controls Engineer within the Rustronic group where he was responsible for the development of control systems across the Ruston fleet, with emphasis on the GE LM5000 and LM6000 gas turbines. After five years with Ruston, Steve moved to Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engineering (HSDE) to broaden his range of gas turbine experience as Applications Manager. There he was involved in the move away from the ‘black box’ DIGICON® range of controllers to the use of modern off-the-shelf PLCs. After a short period with Innovative Controls Systems (ICS), Steve joined the HPI team in 2006 where he has played a key role in expanding the company’s portfolio to include steam turbines, diesel engines, and complete control room modules.