VT Controls

Vosper Thornycroft Controls

Vosper Thornycroft (VT) was originally formed by the merger of two shipbuilding companies in 1966, but the company diversified into various engineering and support services starting in the late 20th century. VT’s core shipbuilding capabilities included the design and construction of warships, construction of commercial vessels, and integrated logistic support.

VT’s marine products ranged from controls to hydraulic power to electric systems and switchboards. Its control system capabilities included:

  • FPSO electrical and control systems
  • Electro-hydraulic subsea Controls
  • FPSO engine room controls
  • Turbomachinery controls
  • Emergency control centers (ECC)
  • HRSG/boiler controls
  • Control engineering integration
  • Instrumentation selection and procurement

Upon its acquisition of Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engineering (HSDE) for its gas turbine controls in the mid-1990s, VT created the operating group Vosper Thornycroft Controls (VT Controls). VT Controls supplied military engine controls for the Gnomes on Sea King and Wessex helicopters, and the T55s on Boeing Chinooks.

  • 1997 – Supplied 1st Allen-Bradley ControlLogix™ turbomachinery control system
  • 1999 – Assisted R&D team at Rockwell Allen-Bradley with ControlLogix

In 2001, VT withdrew from the US market to focus on the shipbuilding industry in the UK and closed VT Controls. From the ashes, HPI was launched.


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