Waukesha VHP2900G Controls Retrofit for HCH

Because of HPI’s success with HCH’s three crude oil pump controls, HCH tasked HPI to supply an AC generator protection and control panel for its 160 KW Waukesha VHP2900G reciprocating gas generator package. The system was upgraded at the same time the engine was being upgraded to 250 KW. The engine control system is based upon the Allen-Bradley FlexLogix™ PLC. The PLC processor interfaces with the I/O via the FLEX I/O™ modules system. The FlexLogix PLC contains the software for the engine governor control and, in the case of the engine protection and sequencing option, the start, stop, and auxiliary system sequencing.

In addition to the local communications for FlexLogix and PanelView, the engine protection and sequencing system is provided with an RS485 Modbus RTU communications link for interface to the Basler BE1-GPS100. This allows generator data to be displayed on the PanelView. Furthermore a TCP/IP Ethernet interface was provided to allow the system to be interfaced to additional equipment. By structuring the system architecture in this manner, HPI ensures that the deterministic nature of the control environment remains unaffected by outside influences, thereby ensuring safe and reliable control of the engine and generator.