USNS Roy M Wheat Project Award

HPI has been awarded a project to install a propulsion control system (PCS) aboard the USNS Roy Wheat. HPI was contracted by Keystone Shipping a ship management company for the US Navy. The USNS Roy Wheat is one of the Military Sealift Command’s (MSC) thirteen Container & Roll-on/Roll-off Ships and is part of the 32 ships in MSC’s Prepositioning Program.

HPI is working closely with MSC towards developing a replacement propulsion machinery control and monitoring system based on the latest generation of ABS-approved commercial-off-the-shelf PLCs and other automation components. The project also includes installation of a shaft propulsion controller, fuel metering valve, vibration monitor, and human-machine interface (HMI).

“HPI has extensive experience in this type of control system upgrade, including many types of gas turbines”, says Hal Pontez, President and CEO of HPI. “Our position as a supplier of PLC-based turbine control and monitoring systems, and intimate knowledge of a vast array of engines, provides us with distinctive access to functional design specifications across a broad range of engines. We have been fortunate enough to complete several projects aboard the USNS Roy Wheat dating back many years, and are seeing rapid growth in our naval marine work worldwide.”