Four Solar Centaur Controls Upgrade for VICO Indonesia

At VICO Indonesia’s Nilam Gas Field, HPI upgraded the controls for three Solar Centaur compressor sets and one Solar Centaur generator set.

VICO Indonesia is a joint venture between BP and ENI. VICO is the third largest production-sharing contract operator in Indonesia with a 2005 gross production of 655 million cubic feet per day of gas and 25 thousand barrels of oil per day.

The gas turbine and compressors are now operated and monitored by a touchscreen PC HMI located on the control panel door. This HMI is able to monitor and operate any of the three gas turbines. All of the features for the HMI were written using RSView Studio™.

Integrated anti-surge control and compressor protection functions were included in the mechanical packages, and new excitation and synchronization were included in the generator controls using Rockwell Automation’s combination generator control module. The new controls use modern communication systems. To ensure safe and reliable control of the gas turbine and driven load, the control communications architecture operates on a single layer of Allen-Bradley ControlNet™. This also ensures that it remains unaffected by outside influences.

A SIL 2 rated fire and gas detection system was also incorporated into the network but functions independently of the control system.

The new controllers are based on Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix™ PLC. This PLC contains the software for the gas turbine controls such as start, stop, and auxiliary system sequencing. To reduce the amount of onsite wiring required, all the terminals, fuses, relays, and conduits were supplied mounted on subpanels.

This new control system has provided VICO with consistent, repeatable, and reliable starting and running of its compressors and generator.