Sabiya Power Plant

Because of the success of the 300 MW Shuwaikh plant, in less than a year the Kuwaiti government had HPI and its consortium partners back to build another emergency power plant. This plant is located in Sabiya.

The Sabiya plant was designed to be very similar to its sister plant in Shuwaikh. It was also built around six GE LM6000 gas turbines. Each of these turbines is rated to provide between 43 MW and 50 MW of rated power, or about 300 MW at full load.

One again HPI teamed up with S&W Energy Solutions to build the plant. HPI created the supervisory control system (SCS). The SCS system monitors and controls the six LM6000 gas turbines, air inlet chillers, gas compressors, and miscellaneous balance of plant (BOP) equipment associated with the power plant. The BOP panels were built by HPI.

For this project HPI provided the operator interface displays. These consisted of six displays in the main control room and two displays in the training room. Two 42” Plasma displays were also provided for the training room. Along with operator displays, HPI supplied four operator desks and consoles: Three for the main control room and one for the training room.

The SCS is run by two servers located in the training room. All equipment in the
SCS is linked by fault tolerant fiber optic network cabling.

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