GE LM2500, LM5000, LM6000 Gas Turbine Services

GE LM2500 – LM6000 Controls
The GE LM series is one of the most advanced ranges of turbines in the world. The requirements for safe, accurate controls of these turbines are very rigorous. The control system must be capable of very rapid scan times and include critical compressor surge monitoring. The HPI engineers have a detailed knowledge of the GE Installation Design Manual (IDM), and all of the HPI control systems meet or exceed these requirements.

HPI is world leader in the supply of critical control systems of this type. HPI’s knowledge of the LM series dates back to the early 1990’s. HPI provides fully engineered, custom PAC- and PLC-based control systems for LM1600, LM2500, LM5000, and LM6000 gas turbines. These control solutions include precise automatic governing, sequencing and load control, regardless of industry or application. The HPI control systems have been proven to dramatically increase start availability, reliability, and performance when compared to analog-relay or hydro-mechanical systems. It also has extensive diagnostics and communication facilities allowing for easy interface with other systems, including SCADA or DCS.

The HPI controls solution leverages commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) PAC and PLC controls and open architecture software. These systems are safe and cost effective, providing a flexible solution to any LM application.

GE LM Series Maintenance and Field Services
HPI has GE-trained LM engineers, who support all LM series turbine-associated equipment. These engineers are able to troubleshoot the root cause of performance and maintenance issues in addition to providing guidance on managing the life of the engine.

LM1600 – LM6000PF Semi-Annual and Annual Maintenance

    • Borescope inspections (BSI)
    • Mechanical package inspection
    • Instrumentation calibrations
    • Geometry checks and calibrations
    • Control system, calibration, and health care
    • Breakdown fault finding and repair
    • Valve and actuator calibration/function test
    • Package instrumentation calibration/function test
    • Blade changes
    • Vibration monitoring (ADRE)

LM1600 – LM6000PF Controls Field Services

    • Dry low emissions (DLE) LM turbine combustion tuning
    • Woodward NetCon™ and MicroNet™ fault finding
    • GE Fanuc, Millennium, and Speedtronic™ fault finding
    • Package calibrations and fault finding

LM1600 – LM6000PF Troubleshooting

HPI engineers are available for emergency support worldwide to support mechanical and control systems for the LM series gas turbines.