Full-service marine provider of power systems
As a qualified and experienced shipboard provider, HPI  offers a full range of equipment and services for main propulsion and auxiliary machinery, including IPMS, and power and auxiliary management. HPI provides more flexible and more competitive solutions for military and commercial marine customers than the OEM. These smart, user-friendly solutions can improve your fleet’s readiness time and enhance the reliability of tight cruise ship sailing times and mission critical systems.

Power Management Services and Solutions for Marine Vessels
With extensive experience working successfully with all classification societies, including ABS, DNV, and Lloyds Register, as well as complying with all applicable naval inspection standards, we offer proven marine engine service solutions in multiple applications:

  • Mechanical repair and overhaul (MRO) services for gas and steam turbines and diesel engines
  • Marine integrated platform management systems (IPMS)
  • Application engineering for a full range of power and propulsion control, electrical power management, and auxiliaries control
  • Turnkey control solutions for gas and steam turbines, diesel engines, and associated electronic controls on marine vessels
  • Steering control, thruster control, fire pump control, stabilizer control, and controllable pitch propeller (CPP) automation
  • Factory authorized repair facilities
  • Fully integrated logistics

We have  commissioned open-architecture, PLC control systems and performed MRO services in military and commercial vessels, across a broad range of turbines. HPI  has long-standing partnerships in the marine industry, including Rockwell Automation.

HPI’s experience with commercial and naval vessels includes cruise ships, fleet-support ships, fast ferries, and offshore support vessels. HPI’s experience on these vessels includes varied propulsion, gas turbines, pump jets, and diesel electric systems.

A Rich Maritime History
HPI has a thorough understanding of the reliability required by harsh marine environments. The HPI team has a long and successful track record extending back to the 1960’s with Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engineering (HSDE) and Vosper Thornycroft Controls (VT Controls). HSDE was the primary designer and provider of shipboard machinery control and surveillance systems to the UK Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy prior to the VT Controls acquisition of HSDE in the mid 1990’s. VT Controls was a UK-based shipbuilding company that withdrew from the US market to focus on the shipbuilding industry in the UK.

This comprehensive background in marine systems enables HPI to supply digital control systems, which are designed for easy retrofit onto existing units and are robust enough to withstand the test of time and harsh environments. HPI  also offers direct replacement units for the DIGICON®, Woodward NetCon™ 5000, and Rustronic? (also known as Ruston, EGT, or Siemens) controllers.

Qualified Marine Company
HPI  is an effective, OEM-alternative in accordance with all relevant specifications and classification society requirements. Here are selected qualifications, certifications, and experience:

  • Experience with commercial, naval, and military inspection standards
  • ABS
  • Defense Logistics Agency GOLD and SILVER award winner last 7 years
  • DNV
  • ISO9001 Quality Program
  • ISO14001 Environmental
  • ISO18001 Health & Safety
  • Lloyds Register
  • US Coast Guard