Supervisory Control

The best return on investment for controlling turbine packages is achieved by unifying the units under a highly reliable, cost-competitive supervisory SCADA or DCS control system if rapid scan times are not required. Supervisory control systems are aimed at providing high fleet availability, tight control, low maintenance, and low obsolescence control system componentry. HPI offers a portfolio of supervisory control platforms, which offer the highest degree of safety and reliability.

HPI control solutions improve safety, control, and efficiency, while offering central or decentralized process control. HPI designs distributed and PLC-based control systems based on the latest technologies. Some of the key features integrated into the HPI supervisory control or plant-wide control solutions include:

  • Compressor anti-surge and load balancing
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Effective training programs
  • Modern operator interfaces

HPI can provide a flexible solution to any turbomachinery, diesel engine, or plant control application.

Plant-Wide Control & Instrumentation
HPI designs and manufactures plant-wide and balance-of-plant (BOP) control systems. The HPI supervisory control systems have been installed worldwide and enjoy a record of high reliability. The BOP systems provided by HPI are used in systems ranging from simple water injection to complex automated process control in several key industrial sites. In addition to safety and reliability, HPI’s systems are designed to reduce maintenance cost and increase overall profitability.

HPI plant management benefits include:

  • Plant control and optimization
  • Production scheduling
  • Utilities trading
  • Data connectivity

Additional plant control can be undertaken either within the turbine governor PLC or within a separate PLC. Both can be connected to a single color graphics monitoring system over an Ethernet communications based local area network. This in turn may be integrated into a site-wide network for SCADA or remote control and monitoring purposes.

HPI also supplies digital instrumentation and transducers, such as those based on Fieldbus technology. These provide information for control and monitoring functions, while being self-diagnosing.

For power generation systems HPI’s digital excitation control is a reliable system based on digital control technologies that offers greater operational flexibility for a wide range of plant operation requirements.

Service Features
Generator Protection
  • Digital self-controlling protection for generators, transformers, and whole generating sets
Generator Synchronization
  • Digital synchronization enables secure and precise ‘switch on’ through specialized hardware and software systems
Compressor Control
  • Controls for the driven compressor and its control valves.
  • Integrated with or separate from the gas turbine control system
  • Control algorithms are available for single, series or parallel connected compressors
Compressor Protection
  • Anti-surge control software is supplied within the compressor controls and offers both safe and efficient operation
Pump Control
  • Controls for main oil line and water injection pumps
  • Integrated with or separate from the gas turbine control system


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