Hydroelectric Controls

HPI Solutions for Hydroelectric Controls

HPI delivers highly reliable control systems which have proven record of operational efficiency and longevity. HPI has designed systems for hydroelectric plants and are capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of energy customers worldwide.

HPI Offers a range of services, from initial FEED studies, through turn-key engineering, procurement, and plant construction.

Our HMI Design includes:

  • Higher flexibility, use of a wide range of proven HMI packages
  • Equipment designed for easy maintenance, troubleshooting, and modification
  • Customized to client requirements using modern, ergonomic principles
  • Secure, remote monitoring and system diagnostics
  • User friendly screens
  • Multilanguage capable
  • Secure, remote monitoring and system diagnostics

Hydroelectric Turbine Solutions include:

  • Hydroelectric Turbine Control including
    • Reaction Turbines and Impulse Turbines
    • Instrumentation Systems
    • Balance of Plant
  • Hydroelectric Turbine Generator Control System – designed to optimize the maximum power output by monitoring generator output power while modulating the wicket gate angle and the runner blade pitch independently
  • Innovative Speed Governing System, including:
    • Control of the turbine start-up and shutdown sequences
    • Synchronization of the turbine with the grid
    • Control of the active power supplied by the generator to an interconnected network
    • Control of network frequency on an isolated electrical network
    • Protection of the unit against over-speed in case of load rejection
    • Control of advanced sequences
  • Hydro process application software
  • SCADA and DCS System Tie In
  • Integrated solutions
  • Automatic control of a one-unit 2000-kW (minimum) hydroelectric power plant
  • Turnkey projects