Gas Turbine Controls

HPI has commissioned open architecture, PLC control systems across a broad range of gas turbines. HPI’s experience extends over 75 models of gas turbines, including heavy and light industrial and aeroderivative gas turbines. The HPI team has a long and successful record of gas turbine controls extending back to the 1960s with Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engineering (HSDE) and Vosper Thornycroft Controls (VT Controls).

Selected Gas Turbine Controls

  • Allison 501
  • GE LM series
  • GE Frame series
  • Mashproekt GT25000
  • Pratt & Whitney FT8 & FT4
  • Rolls-Royce AVON, OLYMPUS, RB211
  • Ruston TB and TORNADO
  • Solar Centaur, Mars, Taurus
  • Westinghouse W501

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Gas Turbine Control Options
HPI provides flexibility in upgrading or retrofitting gas turbine controls. In addition to providing PLC control systems and OEM control systems, HPI provides direct replacement controllers for legacy controllers, such as DIGICON®, Woodward NetCon™ 5000, and Rustronic? or Ruston gas turbine controls (also known as EGT or Siemens).

Gas Turbine Control Features
HPI gas turbine control systems perform with the efficiency and reliability for startups and continuous operation demanded by regulatory agencies and customers worldwide. These solutions provide improved gas turbine control and enhanced performance of the turbine. Some of these key features include:

  • Integrated generator controls
  • Upgraded generator monitoring
  • Compressor anti-surge and load balancing
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Effective training programs
  • Customized touchscreen HMI

The HPI gas turbine control systems offer a variety of additional features that are essential to today’s operators. These functions include automatic synchronizing, load sharing, HRSG, and load shedding.

Controls of Gas Turbine Peripheral Systems
HPI offers safe protection and control solutions for gas turbine peripheral systems.

Service Features
Generator Protection
  • Digital self-controlling protection for generators, transformers, and whole generating sets
Generator Synchronization
  • Digital synchronization enables secure and precise ‘switch on’ through specialized hardware and software systems
Compressor Control
  • Controls for the driven compressor and its control valves.
  • Integrated with or separate from the gas turbine control system
  • Control algorithms are available for single, series or parallel connected compressors
Compressor Protection
  • Anti-surge control software is supplied within the compressor controls and offers both safe and efficient operation
Pump Control
  • Controls for main oil line and water injection pumps
  • Integrated with or separate from the gas turbine control system


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