HSDE DIGICON® Controller
HPI traces its heritage to the Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engineering (HSDE) Company which supplied the original DIGICON controllers to Allison. Many of HPI’s engineers worked for HSDE and were responsible for the development of the 501-KB5 control system. HPI has been supporting the repair work on the DIGICON product line since the closure of Vosper Thornycroft Controls (VT Controls) and HSDE.

HPI’s engineers developed the Replacement DIGICON Unit (RDU™) with the same functionality as the original HSDE controller, in terms of governing, sequencing, and remote interfaces. However, the RDU also has additional features to assist in fault finding and maintenance, and has the communication facilities to allow for easy interface with other systems, including SCADA or DCS.

One-Day Shutdown Possible
HPI has commissioned numerous replacement units and has demonstrated the RDU’s ability to be a true plug-and-play solution. For example, HPI recently completed a direct replacement of the controls of two Allison 501-KB5 gas turbine packages for an energy company in California. The existing HSDE DIGICON control unit was upgraded using HPI’s RDU, which is a PLC commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) controller in a direct replacement unit. Because of the modular design and its ability to interface with the existing connectors, the power plant averaged a one-day shutdown of each turbine. The original timeline estimated 3 days for installation and 3 days for commissioning.


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