Cyber Security and Compliance

Custom security and compliance solutions to meet both business and regulatory challenges
In an increasingly digital business landscape, cyber security and compliance have emerged as critical focus areas across all industries.

Concerns about potential attacks on control systems and their data, and recent regulations enacted by the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as recommended by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) are just two of the challenges facing those within the power generation sector.

HPI is ready to help customers address these challenges by working with them to design a custom security solution that meets both regulatory requirements and their specific business needs.

With any solution, we employ a three step approach:


  • Training the workforce
  • Managing systems through technology
  • Mitigating risks through processes

Detection and Notification

  • Network access monitoring
  • Anomaly detection
  • Active intrusion monitoring

Recovery and Restoration

  • Back-up restoration management
  • Annual compliance testing

Whether you need a full compliance or security solution, or are preparing for an audit or internal control review, our experience as operators will help maximize your return on investment.

Our Solution

We offer a full range of services starting with needs assessments through design and engineering of compliance and security solutions to implementing network and ICS security solutions.

Our services include:

Why HPI?

Whether you need a full compliance or security solution or are preparing for an audit or internal control review, HPI’s experience as operators will maximize your return on investment.

  • HPI designs, builds, operates, controls, maintains and repairs power generation facilities- it’s in our DNA.
  • Generic security consultants cannot match our comprehensive understanding of how those areas link together and form an aligned approach.
  • Unlike vendors that sell newer technology solutions or pre-packaged systems, HPI customizes security solutions that significantly reduces risks.
    • System customizing- build for long-term and internally maintained
    • Budgetary- optimizing capex vs. opex risk reduction
  • Every area of HPI is completely aligned to the cyber security challenge as the key to protecting out client’s assets.