Replacement DIGICON® for Alpart’s GE Frame 5

HPI upgraded the controls for one of Alpart’s HSDE DIGICON®-based GE Frame 5 turbo-generator packages at its St. Elizabeth Plant. Alpart is Jamaica’s largest bauxite and alumina producing company.

HPI used its Replacement DIGICON Unit (RDU™), which is designed as a direct plug-and-play replacement for the DIGICON. The equipment was mounted in a specially developed enclosure that was designed to fit into the same space previously occupied by the original DIGICON controller. The new enclosure was designed to provide easy access to equipment mounted at the rear of the enclosure and was designed to connect directly to the existing ‘J’ connectors.

The RDU has all of the original control and monitoring functions as the DIGICON, but has additional fault finding and troubleshooting capabilities along with a human-machine interface (HMI). This operator interface is a panel-mounted HMI. The HMI provides the operator with all the necessary control and monitoring functionality. The HMI communicates with the PLC via an Ethernet network. HPI modified the HMI configuration to communicate via an RSLinx® OPC server. The provision of an Ethernet network allows for remote access. The new controller utilizes the latest Allen-Bradley FlexLogix™ system. This provides the end user with the benefits of a commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) third party system, while still meeting the performance and functional requirements of the original controller.